Not to blog

It was fun to start setting up this blog, and to write a bit for it. But in light of my list of current priorities, I won’t be posting for some time, maybe never. I do enjoy reading several blogs, so I’m happy for those who can fit writing into their life and life into their writing.

Some summer 2019 snapshots:

4 thoughts on “Not to blog

  1. Hi Kathryn,
    Much as I enjoy and miss reading your writing, I commend and bless you for putting the time into your family!
    My love to you & yours,


  2. I had just thought of you again on Sunday, that I haven’t heard anything from you for awhile! Talked with your sis Mary Ann (& family) who were up for church in PA with Timmy Showalter’s. We missed you at our circle letter gathering the end of July. Glad to see pics of your family- your lil girl looks very much like you! Blessings to you as you strive to keep your priorities in order!


    1. That’s nice you got to see Virginia folks. I really hated to miss the reunion, but it looked hard with a baby that doesn’t travel well. I hope someone wrote about it in the circle letter for those of us that missed it. Blessings to you, too, as you go on in the next phase of what, mother-in-law! 🙂


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